Family dynamics…

My family… well they are a lot! We struggle to know when enough is enough. Last night the dinner table was set

for a birthday celebration and all the adults were gathered (plus one). We were on fragile ground before we neared the table. We had spent a long afternoon navigating multiple priorities… preparing to move the youngest to her first apartment, the boys were gathered so it was prime time to chop down several trees, oh and the actual celebration of the oldest one’s birthday. No sweat. We’ve got this!

The first warning shots flew as we realized our multiple plans had not been fully communicated. Oh, you want us to work all afternoon dropping and chopping trees and then pack the trucks to move? Really? The move has been coming for weeks, but involved no small amount of angst. For her and for us… so we powered through.

Boxes packing
Chainsaw biting
Large whoosh of the tree falling
“Mom, I’m going to move your car!”
Don’t stand so close to the driveway
Let’s go to Walmart for things for the new apartment
Can you guys bring back lunch?
Trees are down and stacked for drying
Let’s get the trucks packed
The Patriots play at 4:30
Cake in the oven
Car is packed
Welcome the Birthday girl and her kitten home
Kittens are wild things… oh and the 70 lb. dog
Dinner is ready before the game is over
It’s dark before we sit together and pray
We really should pray for peace

The meal was familiar and hot… we talked about nothing, then we really got started.

What do you think about the election?
15$ an hour minimum wage
Student loan debt
Medicare abuse
The healthcare system
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
President Obama
Military spending
Foreign wars

All the while, the voices got louder and the air seeped out of the room. The climax of the night included an angry outburst and frustrated tears. Then we jumped in the cars and trucks (3 of them) and drove several towns over.
Texts to say we’re sorry
Don’t you love the linen closet
Here hold the door
The bureau goes in the bedroom
You carry the Disney VHS tapes
I don’t think the couch will fit
Dad, will you show them how?
Okay, here we are
We love you

My family is a lot. We are loud and we have VERY strong opinions. I remember when they were little, someone told me she thought my children had such big personalities. Yes, yes they do. We are a lot, but we are also hard working, caring, and committed to each other. Sometimes we take on more than is reasonable, and we rub each other the wrong way… but we are family. That’s what we do.


This is part of a 31-day writing challenge. If you are interested in following along, you can find the rest of the series here. Thank you for stopping by!

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