I would love to talk about how I can serve you. I’ve spent much of the last two decades helping others find their footing in their faith, in relationships, and in their own sense of self. I’ve written and led workshops, retreats, and multi-week series exploring challenging topics with grace and a touch of humor.

Popular topics include:

  •  Authenticity
  • Leadership development
  •  Growing in grace
  • Prodigals and their brothers
  • New beginnings
  • Digging deeper
  • Building community
  • Courage and vulnerability
  • The challenges of family life

Bible studies include:

  • My Father’s Daughter (A study of the Prodigal Son)
  • Growing in Grace
  • Authentic- A Retreat
  • Digging Deeper in Ephesians


Contact me to talk about how I might serve your group.

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