A splash of inspiration- 01/20/18

One of my favorite winter (ever) pastimes is to dive into a really great book. Since I learned to read, I’ve handled stress, adversity, chaos, and challenge by escaping into books. I feel like winter in New England incorporates all of these elements! There is no place I’d rather be when the temperature drops to unreasonable numbers (-35 is not a number I can live with) or when the winter winds whip snow and ice around my doorstep… than somewhere else.  

I will read just about anything I can get my hands on, but finding the next book is sometimes a challenge. I follow writers, I scour Amazon for good deals, and I watch my friends (and acquaintances) on Goodreads for recommendations and reviews, but the only thing worse than coming to the end of a book I love, is coming to the end of a book I love with no idea where to go next.

Modern Mrs. Darcy is a website devoted to the celebration of books. I love following her Instagram feed, where she celebrates bookshelf selfies and all things reader geek. If you are looking for a great read this winter, here is a place to start…

Check out her website: https://modernmrsdarcy.com

My favorite recent blog post: https://modernmrsdarcy.com/cozy-books/

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