Beginning to exhale…

A little over a month ago, our lives took a scary turn. The doctor’s early morning phone call, a blockage, multiple visits to the specialist, and some ill-advised You Tube videos caused a sharp inhale.

  • We walked through those days, focused on the things that matter. Family. Friends. Faith.
  • We celebrated love and new life, through clenched teeth. But we savored all the moments. We. Took. Nothing. For. Granted.
  • We clung tightly to one another, and life came into focus. Love. Conquers. Fear. All.

Last Friday, we were back at the doctor’s office. We have a plan to move forward. It is a good plan. We feel calmer, clearer, and more ready. The air is seeping back into our lives.

  • I don’t remember why I hesitated to make a change.
  • I don’t remember why I allowed people to steal my joy.
  • I don’t remember why I gave so much energy to daily dramas.

But, I’ve learned some things this year that are helping me rearrange my life.

  • My life’s appearance is far less important than what is true on the inside.
  • There are some things you simply can’t agree to.
  • Sometimes, you just know when it is time.
  • Often, faith trembles as it moves forward.
  • Life goes on.

We are breathing again. There will be a procedure, a short recovery, and then a new normal. We are ready. More than that, we are beginning to envision life on the other side. We’re planning for the future.

For me, that means both new adventures and some extra margin! I’m teaching a couple classes this fall. I’m moving toward my counseling license. We’re planning a baby shower. I’m slowing down and beginning to exhale…

3 thoughts on “Beginning to exhale…

  1. Prayers for Keith and you, my sister. I love you and your family and truly believe that God TRUEly does bring ALL things together for good to those who love God and are called for His purpose….only because I have gone through some HOT furnaces and come out with the memory, but no smell of smoke on my clothing.

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