The view from here…

My eyes are weary from scanning the horizon looking for the next thing. I’ve spent so much time in the past couple of years looking off in the far distance for what is coming, that it feels like I am missing the beauty in my every day. Like a sailor looking for land, I’m missing the color and movement of the waves and sky in this moment.

When I let go of what is coming and rest in the right now, I find that there is beauty and freshness here. My life feels lighter, more buoyant, and less fraught with drama. Yesterday I caught myself enjoying the rhythms and feel of winter. I know, it’s crazy.

So today I am focusing on the quirky and beautiful in my ordinary days.

TEDDY makes life better
– His half grin delights as I sing a nursery song over breakfast.
– The way the light frames my daughter’s face as she holds that sweet boy.
– Listening to my tough guy husband make silly voices to coax a grin.
– Watching that goofy guy of hers find his footing loving her and him.

Life at home
– The wood stove that takes the house from frigid to “dragon’s lair” in just a few minutes.
– Adult children gathering for no reason other than life.
– Making room for each other.
– The refuge of my big chair, a book, a blanket, and a cup of tea.
– That look that reminds me that I belong to him.

Work life
– Class discussions make me smile.
– Card games, play dough, and insight.
– Getting over the new.
– Being someone’s first college professor.

Family & Friends
– FaceTime with family makes the distance disappear.
– Impromptu dinner with a friend who listens to my heart.
– Gathering around things that matter.
– Sharing the burden in prayer.
– Preparing for time together.

Look around your life today and notice, really notice, the beautiful elements of your “right now” life. What do you see?

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