Morning coffee…

I’ve never been much of a morning person. I love the evening. The quiet after the day always brought me joy. But then children. They upended my routines and my life in so many ways. I held on to the evening for many years… the after bedtime hours were sacred at my house. Finally though, I had to choose between staying up after them or being up before them. I couldn’t do both. Morning and I have become friends.

This time of year, the sky is dark when I roll out of bed and light comes as I sip my first cup of coffee. There is something magical about watching the woods outside my window light up. The trees are still green for the most part, just the very tips of some of the tallest trees have begun to turn orange and red. They are stunning.

Pumpkin spice coffee fills the mug and I think about the day ahead. My schedule is full. I am looking forward to gathering my people tonight, and I’m planning for a shared meal. I’ll have lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, and take the puppy for her first vet appointment. It’s just a day, but this morning I am grateful for these things. For most of my adult life these were things I took for granted. The chance to catch up with a friend, or prepare a meal and invite people in to my home. Now, I know that this is precious time.

When I was caught up in the press of life at work, it wasn’t the big things I missed most. It was the little things. I missed a cup of coffee at 10am. I missed walking in the daytime. I missed the simple rhythms of a slower life. Today, I am enjoying them.

Orientation for my new job started this week. My schedule will pick up soon, but I am going to hold on to some time for me. I’ve committed to a slower pace, so that I can make time for these small pleasures. So this morning, I’ll have another cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

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6 thoughts on “Morning coffee…

  1. I consider a good cup of coffee one of those small items that brings joy to life. Taking a moment to savor it is something we all should do. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love your images, they inspire and I’m grateful for Fridays mornings where I slow the pace and savor that cup of coffee. It gives me time to think and be at peace. Time to have a conversation with God and not a quick text. Blessings

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