Summer gathering…

We are preparing for an adventure! In just a few days, we will be heading to Florida to spend a week in the sun with my parents, my sister’s family, close friends, and our children (minus Allie – insert sad face). We have lots of plans, there will be a trip to Hogwarts, a road trip down the state to the very tip of the keys, an amazing house, jet skis, day trips, and a sunset cruise to cap it off.

It is amazing to think about sharing a trip like this with so many of the people I love. We are a bi-coastal family and bringing the family under one roof for any length of time usually requires a major life event. We have decided that vacations are for family and have prioritized getting together regularly. The house will rock with laughter, we will reconnect with each other, and spend time just hanging out.

Over the past weeks and months, we’ve scheduled and made lists. I see from Facebook that folks are already packing. In fact, Mom and Dad left on Sunday to drive across the country. They will meet us in Orlando in a couple of days. The planners have won out this year and we have an itinerary and a menu. We’ve done this several times and definitely learned a few things. So we will share the load, and make it work.


I think the first time, we planned a trip like this, it was my idea. I wanted to mark the end of a season of our lives. On the night we arrived at the rented house, I had a complete meltdown. They had to bring me dinner and let me sleep it off. The last time we did this, I stomped under the departure screen in the Las Vegas airport vowing to never do this again. The truth is, we don’t do this because it’s easy. We don’t do it because it’s cheap (because lordy, it isn’t). We do it because we want to know each other. To grow up together. To grow older together. To be in each others lives.


Family and Friends Reunion 2014– Celebrating Dr. Coulombe’s graduation!


Please don’t imagine that this will be a perfect family vacation. There will be moments when we will fuss and fight. We may stomp off, or pout, doors may slam. Someone will get frustrated and someone else will be hurt. We will laugh and tease, we will rumble and tumble over each other, but in the end, we will still be family. These relationships have been forged over lots of summer vacations. As long as I can remember, summer meant family and gathering. So, next week we will converge on the Florida Keys. We will explore and adventure, we will laugh and cry, and we will know each other better when we head back home. I can’t wait!

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