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So, this year (2016) my sweetheart turns 50. Seriously, 50? He’s um, getting older, and I am right behind him. We are moving quickly into a new season of life. I am excited to see what new adventures lie ahead. Instead of mourning what is behind, I want to launch toward the future. To do some things I’ve never done before and head towards 50 with exuberance, rather than let it creep up on me unaware. So, I’ve created a 50 before I’m 50 list… 

I have always been a list person, so this makes sense to me. To build intentionally toward the future continues to be a good practice in my life. I am a fan of planning ahead and participating in the shape of my future rather than just tagging along behind. This is a moment where I want to lean into my life and fill it with vitality and energy. So, I’ve spent the past few weeks developing a list of things I think will be fun and meaningful. Some of it we have already planned (the trips to New Orleans, The Keys, and Hawaii have been on the docket for a while). Most of this list are more simple things that can get missed in the shuffle of everyday life.

Coming up with this list was harder than you would think. The truth is, I love my life. It is filled with great people and meaningful work. However, I am not really good at fun. I tend to import my fun in the form of fun people. You know, those folks who make a party out of anything (you know who you are). I don’t usually create my own fun. I enjoy lots of different things, experiences, and opportunities, but I don’t really understand fun. It’s weird.

So, when I created five different categories, I added both physical challenges and childhood fun to my much easier lists of places to go, things to do, and people to serve. I want to grow through this process, and intentionally plan some experiences and opportunities that will challenge me to grow. I hope to bring friends and family along on this ride, and look froward to lots of adventures. So, here’s my list…

  1. Paint night
  2. See the northern lights10325627_893303231105_8096004156285529984_n (1).jpg
  3. Missions trip
  4. Run a 5k
  5. Go Cart racing
  6. Broadway show
  7. Visit Oregon
  8. Write and teach a leadership class
  9. Sailboat cruise
  10. Visit a theme park
  11. Finish my quilt
  12. Visit New Orleans
  13. Use my blog for good
  14. Climb Mt. Monadnock
  15. Play laser tag
  16. Guest post on a blog
  17. Visit Key West
  18. Give to someone I believe in
  19. Bike the Cape Cod trail
  20. Play in an adult arcade
  21. Launch self hosted website
  22. Visit Montreal
  23. Spend a day exploring the Boston Public Library
  24. Give to an organization I believe in
  25. Develop a mindfulness practice
  26. Swim in the warm ocean
  27. Take a pottery class
  28. Duck boat tour
  29. Forgive someone
  30. Walk to Mordor (1779 miles)
  31. Jet ski
  32. Get a tattoo
  33. Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum
  34. Offer someone a second chance
  35. Zip line
  36. Take a photography class
  37. Visit the 9/11 memorial NYC
  38. Give more than I owe
  39. Dance lessons
  40. Rope swing
  41. Vineyard tour
  42. Visit Hawaii
  43. Serve a meal to someone who can’t repay
  44. Go camping in Acadia National Park
  45. Giant slide
  46. Reach 250 posts
  47. Read to a child
  48. Ski lesson
  49. Take a cooking class
  50. A day at the spa

4 thoughts on “50 things…

    1. This makes me so happy! You are welcome to join me on these adventures… especially #30. My plan is to walk the distance that Sam and Frodo walked from their home in the Shire to Mt. Doom in Mordor. That is 1779 miles. Nerding out here!

  1. Ok- there are too many that I want to do with you to count… I am going to invest in a great pair of new sneakers!

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