A Splash of Inspiration… November 4, 2017

A few years ago, we gave up television. I know exactly when it was. When Robin Williams died, I could not fathom watching the emotional and historical outpouring of communal sadness. I turned the tv off. We liked the sound of silence in our house. We talked more. We read more. We did not even miss the noise. We occasionally turn it on to watch something we’ve recorded or to watch a movie. But mostly, we just enjoy the silence.

One thing that I have filled in the corners of the silence with has been reading interesting blogs. I’ve been collecting a reading list of interesting people and perspectives from across the web. I’d like to introduce some of them to you! So, on Saturday mornings, I’m going to highlight one of my favorites for your enjoyment.

Shelly Miller’s blog is focused on Sabbath. She has created the Sabbath Society, a place where folks can encourage each other about the joys and challenges of arranging our lives around rest. She recently wrote a book, “Rhythms of Rest” which I am slowly savoring. I read a bit and then journal, read a bit and then ponder. It’s like sipping hot tea under a warm blanket on a gray morning.

Shelly Miller website

Sabbath Society– I’ve signed up for her weekly email. It is a nice reminder in the midst of the busyness of life to slow down and look up.

A favorite article – I also love her monthly printable calendar. I use it for a quick reference guide and take moments out of the day to remember what matters.



Our small group has committed to practicing Sabbath Rest. We’ve decided to practice the discipline of rest in an effort to honor the God who made us and try to find the unforced rhythms of grace the Bible promises. On a weekly basis, we try to pause. To unclutter our lives and just rest. Continue reading “Rest…”

On Bench-Sitting…

My life moves pretty fast. Always has. I am running from one thing, to the next thing, with my mind three things ahead kind of girl. I rarely sit still, and when I do, I am either reading or watching. So that even when my body is still, my head and heart are still running along a good clip. During one particularly overwhelming season of speed, I was driving down Main Street, preparing to stop at the bank and the gas station, between my day job and my night class. I was trying to remember what day the next paper was due, when I saw someone sitting on a bench. Just. Sitting. Continue reading “On Bench-Sitting…”