A splash of inspiration- 01/20/18

One of my favorite winter (ever) pastimes is to dive into a really great book. Since I learned to read, I’ve handled stress, adversity, chaos, and challenge by escaping into books. I feel like winter in New England incorporates all of these elements! There is no place I’d rather be when the temperature drops to unreasonable numbers (-35 is not a number I can live with) or when the winter winds whip snow and ice around my doorstep… than somewhere else.   Continue reading “A splash of inspiration- 01/20/18”

The creative life…

Years ago, Keith and I took line dancing classes. My steps were tentative, more focused on getting it right, following the directions, and not messing up than anything else. I had to write R and L on the toes of my shoes so that I could end up facing the right direction when I turned. This did not come easily to me. Week after week, I learned new steps and practiced the old. I grew more confident and freer. Every once in a while, I would for a moment lose myself in the music and movement. I forgot my awkwardness and danced. Continue reading “The creative life…”