Learning to play…

A few years ago, in the midst of a crushing time at work, a colleague said she was learning that the antidote to stress and fatigue was not just rest, but fun. She said she was scheduling lots of fun into her time off. She found that she was more able to handle the complexity and stress at work after having spent her time playing. Continue reading “Learning to play…”

Winter’s rest…

Most years I begin January with a neat set of goals. I like to have a clear vision and a plan for how to get there. I divide my year into nice quarters and check in on my goals near my birthday (March), at the beginning of summer (June), and at the beginning of the school year (September) to make sure I’m on track. I adapt and change goals as my life unfolds but having a sense of where I’m trying to go gives me a sense of clarity about what matters and what I want to move towards. Continue reading “Winter’s rest…”

The middle…

the mess,
The emptiness
and discomfort
and letting it
be there
Until some
Light returns

– Ann Lamott

These words speak to a reality in my life these days. Life has shifted in new and uncomfortable ways. We are in the middle, deep in the dark place, before the turn. We left one certainty and have not yet reached the other side. In my favorite books, this is where the hero takes heart and stands firm in the face of insurmountable odds… and presses on to victory. Continue reading “The middle…”

Cleaning days…

I’ve been cleaning drawers, closets, clutter, my floors. I’m preparing for a new season, for the tree, decorations, family, and lots of little white lights, but before I do the next big thing, I need to clear some space. I love the smell of freshly washed floors, the way the windows seem wider when they are newly clean. I love touching and fluffing and putting things in their places. I adore throwing away bags of trash.

Continue reading “Cleaning days…”

Living well…

For far too much of my life, I’ve been pulled along by the needs and expectations of others. In this season, I want to be propelled by my own values and intention. I’ve spent so much of my life responding to the needs or wants of others, I feared I had lost my own inner compass. Continue reading “Living well…”

An adventure…

Sometimes I need a friend that will take me on the road. After weeks of pressure and stress, the excitement of the baby shower, and months of turmoil and change I needed a day away. My friend texted me on Friday and let me know that as the Cruise Director, she had scheduled a day away. Would I be interested? Of course I was. Continue reading “An adventure…”


Our small group has committed to practicing Sabbath Rest. We’ve decided to practice the discipline of rest in an effort to honor the God who made us and try to find the unforced rhythms of grace the Bible promises. On a weekly basis, we try to pause. To unclutter our lives and just rest. Continue reading “Rest…”


Right now, my whole life is in a state of revision. If I’m honest, this process began a few years ago. When my kids were teens, we envisioned a future where I started school and moved toward a career. The plan was to taper up my time away from home until they were gone. It would allow me a chance to grow as they grew, to intentionally fill the emptiness left in their wake with meaningful work. Continue reading “Revision…”


After years of using the heat of the fire as the major means of prioritizing my work, my life feels a little strange these days. For the past decade, I’ve made decisions about where to put my time and energy by looking at the never ending list of ought to dos and prioritizing those whose deadline was looming, or whose absence would create more work. Continue reading “Prioritizing…”