Adding to the family…

Rain dripped off the eaves as we peered out the window on Sunday morning. The forecast called for a little light rain in the morning. We were confident it would clear, in spite of the blowing trees, leaves, and sideways rain. When you plan a wedding outside, you plan for contingencies… the tents were in place, the food tables under cover, and we were still hoping to see the rain stop. Nothing was going to get in the way of this special day. 

On Saturday night, friends and family gathered to prepare for the wedding. The tents were erected, the chairs arranged, and the tables set. They walked through the rehearsal and shared pizza and beer. We laughed and kept shaking our heads to think we were actually here. Our kids are getting married.

Sunday morning’s rain showers added excitement to the mix. When the lights flickered on and off as the bride and her attendants worked on their make up and up do’s, they just took it in stride. When the lights went out at the farm house, they moved their operation to the salon and kept on going. The rain and wind continued, and so did the plan. We just moved forward, it’s amazing how we adapt.

I think it’s good that they both spend their days facing real emergencies. It helps put things in perspective. Neither of them lost their cool. They just tucked and rolled as the day unfolded. And it unfolded beautifully.

This was a family affair. Everyone pulled together to make their day special. The flowers, the cake and cupcakes, the whole things was one big act of love and care for our special people. Their day was flawless. It was such joy to see them so in love and having such fun. They are an amazing young couple with so much ahead of them. We are so thankful they have each other.

The rain cleared for their I do’s. We wiped tears and shared a chuckle as they pledged their love. Their happiness was radiant and their love washed over family and friends. It was beautiful. And it is just the beginning, the two became one… and now they begin again in a new way.

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