Baby shower…

I didn’t have a baby shower before my first child was born. My family helped me pull together the pieces I would need for a nursery, and I brought my girl home to my mother’s house. I made it through those first days of motherhood surrounded by my mom, dad, and sister. Soon Grandmas were there to help as well. When that baby cried, a whole team responded.

It was the same when my sister brought my niece home. She and AJ brought their little bundle home to extended family. I remember visiting when she was just weeks old and jumping in to help in any way I could. Babies, in our family, have been cared for en masse. The truth is, all through their lives my parents, aunts & uncles, sister, and grandparents have been there to love and support us.

Today, we showered our soon to be mom & dad and invited family and friends to celebrate this exciting time. We were overwhelmed with the support and friendship poured out for this little family. Although my mom, sister, aunt, and cousins couldn’t be here to join in the fun, we shared it with them via Facebook. What an amazing time we enjoy, when families across the globe can see and participate in gatherings thousands of miles away.

In the calm after the fray, I can’t help but pray for those kids as they prepare for their new arrival. I know there really isn’t much we can do to make it easier for them. Babies come on their own timeframe. The process is more or less the same as it’s always been. This child will enter into an extended family that is committed to his very best. We will help, we will worry, we will love, play, nurture, and support this one for the rest of our lives. That’s all. Just all of our lives.

He will be wrapped in blankets hand knit, crocheted, and quilted by the women who love him even before they know him. He will ride home from the hospital in the “travel system” his great aunt and uncle bought him. He will wear clothes gathered from near and far with great care. His red high top converse sneakers are waiting for him. He will sleep his first night at home in a stunning oval bassinet literally filled with love. His mommy and daddy will rock him to sleep in a glider bought just for him. And for the next few years, we will read and re-read the books we gathered at today’s event. Family and friends poured out love in the form of practical and precious gifts today.

I am humbled and so grateful for the web of love and care this child will be born into. This little family is literally surrounded by love and care. They have everything they need to raise him and grow together, not in the gifts they received today but in the people who share their lives. We will all be there to love this child, to support this family as they move into the next season of their lives. We will cheer them on, pick them up when they fall, offer words of wisdom, and sometimes bite our tongues… But they won’t be alone, we’ll be there.

simplethings I hope you are enjoying this exploration of simple things that make life special. This is part of the Write 31 Days challenge. Click here to follow along.

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