Learning curve…

So, starting all over again is hard. I’m learning how to do new things. A lot of them. This week it feels like everything is new. And difficult. It’s hard to go from being an expert, the one who trains others, to the new kid learning what everyone else already knows. I don’t really like it. 

I know it won’t be like this forever. I will learn, and develop these new skills. I will figure out how to organize myself, my work, and my time and in a few weeks/months/years this will all be a fuzzy memory. I will chuckle about leaving things on the printer for days. I will find grace and humor. Eventually.

But today, it feels like I suck and I will never know what all the pieces are, let alone where to find them. I drove home tonight feeling like there were just too many things. To learn, to do, to find, to figure out…

I have been here before. So, I’ve decided to allow myself a learning curve. I will learn and grow into these new areas. I will make mistakes. No one will die. I can relax a bit and just lean into the discomfort. It takes time and patience to learn. It takes this awkward feeling where nothing seems to fit. It takes a bit of grace.

Tonight, I’m celebrating the learning curve. I am learning new skills, gathering new experiences, and finding new areas of expertise. I know that I can learn, it just feels bad right now. So, I’m going to let myself off the hook, and lean into that curve.

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2 thoughts on “Learning curve…

  1. You are a counselor at heart, it is your calling. You may also have gotten a rave endorsement from someone as well…. 😉

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