The real deal…

Tonight we gathered for family dinner. In my imagination, this is a time of bonding and genteel conversation. For a moment this afternoon, I thought maybe we could watch the debate. Maybe discuss national politics with rational, calm voices. Or maybe talk about international issues, or conflict areas. Although I’d love to spend time with the family in my imagination, they did not attend our family dinner.

Instead, we enjoyed a pretty routine night of family bonding, Boucher style. It did not start well, when I handed my puppy to Brian, he squealed and she tinkled all over him. That began a chain reaction…

– Why is Brian sitting in his underwear?
– No really, why is he naked?
– Did someone take the dog out?
– Text Kailyn.
– What’s for dinner?
– Oh look, pants are optional.
– I want to be an Uber Driver.
– How much do they make?
– How about a CDL license?
– Do you want another dog?
– Brian, put some clothes on.
– Dad looks tired.
– Who’s pouring the wine?
– The baby is getting pushy.
– Who gets the leftovers?
– Oh, we have birthday cake we forgot on Sunday.
– How many candles?
– Why must the puppy sit on my feet?
– But I want to play with her.
– Don’t squeal, you’ll make her pee.
– One chicken may not be enough.
– Brian, seriously the back hair.
– It’s like a sweater.
– Want me to get the epilator?
– What does an epilator do?
– Why would you do that?
– There are no leftovers.
– The laundry’s done.
– Goodbye, see you next week.
– Brian, don’t forget your clothes

simplethings I hope you are enjoying this exploration of simple things that make life special. This is part of the Write 31 Days challenge. Click here to follow along.

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