The forecast…

It’s rainy and raw outside my window this afternoon. The wind is gusting through the trees around my house. I looked at the forecast, it looks like this might be it for today. We drove back from camping in the pouring rain, after a night spent listening to the sound of raindrops pounding on the roof. For some, this would have ruined the weekend. For me, it makes it perfect.

Next weekend we will have to put the camper away for the season. It’s too wet to do that now. Today, we are tucked in our comfy clothes and ready for a couple hours of nap/netflix watching on the sofa. The new puppy is playing on the floor with her toys, and we have nowhere to be and nothing to do.

It’s not an actual pajama day… we did have to get dressed to come home, but it’s pretty close. No responsibilities, no demands. Just us at home. Perfect. Oh, and tomorrow’s a holiday. Yay, me!

Here are some rainy day pics in case it’s nice where you are today…


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