Puppy love…

She has curly blond hair, blue eyes, and weighs about four pounds. We are completely in love. I’ve been researching training methods, I’ve scheduled her puppy kindergarten, and I’m ready to get up at 2am to let her out.

We are looking forward to long walks at a slow pace, puppy belly, and curly ears. After a couple months of talking and scheming to bring another dog into our family, we are happy to actually begin. The planning and preparation have taken up much of the last couple of weeks. As we move forward, there will be plenty of antics and both ups and downs, but we are thrilled with our cocker spaniel puppy, Seraphina.

I’m not really sure why dogs are such a necessity for us, but since we first began our family there have been very few days without a dog of our own. We’ve lived through the heartbreak of several slow losses, as well as a recent sudden tragedy. When my heart breaks to say goodbye to a four legged friend, I am usually certain there is no good purpose to this process.

Several times over the years, I swore never to give my heart again, but we just keep coming back to the joy of sharing our lives. It was actually the thought of a long convalescence without faithful dog friend, that made us realize it was time again to open our lives. So here we go again. Welcome little one, we are your people…


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7 thoughts on “Puppy love…

  1. Seraphina is adorable! And I echo your sentiments. We are a beagle family—we had only 1 for several years, then got another. Dog #1 died at the age of 15, so we had just 1 again. I kept saying I would never do the 2-dog thing again. Well, this past March, I changed my mind, and we now, once again, have a beagle puppy in our home. I can’t imagine my life without my sweet little Gracie girl. She has completely captured my heart…just as your sweet Seraphina has yours.

    Good luck with training! My little Gracie girl (8 months) is a stinker sometimes. She swallowed a sock about a month ago. We had to take her to the animal ER. Thankfully, surgery wasn’t necessary. They gave her something to induce vomiting, and up it came.

    1. Oh my. Yes, they can sure get into things! I am enjoying this getting to know you part. She is so sweet and gentle. I’m looking forward to all of the stages… except the ones where things (or she) get hurt. Thanks for stopping by!

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