Birdseed, bubbles, and fireworks…

We just pulled off an amazing wedding. It’s not the first time we’ve helped a young couple celebrate their big day, but it was certainly the most personal. Our little girl got married a couple of weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier for them. We’ve almost recovered from the festivities.

Years ago, I was an event planner for our Pastor. His wife Toni, and I helped organize and hustle brides and bridal parties through their big day. Keith and I seem to have a knack for walking in just in time to help when it comes to weddings. I chuckle to think of all variations of weddings we’ve enjoyed.

A formal wedding in a fancy church with glistening chandeliers at the hotel reception.
An intimate wedding in front of the fire.
A potluck wedding in the foyer.
An outdoor blues wedding in the drizzle and rain.
A hotel wedding with bride and groom on the stairs.
A hilltop wedding with cowboy boots, a bonfire, and fireworks.
A country-club wedding with all the stuff.
A windswept wedding with a rustic lodge reception.
A fairy tale wedding complete with glass slippers.
A farm wedding with a red-checkered table cloth and lawn chairs.

Our recent wedding had many of my favorite elements. A bride and groom clearly in love. A community ready to support their big day. Creativity and quirkiness were everywhere…

A meaningful setting.
A birdseed toss.
Barefoot groomsmen.
Homemade bouquets.
Roast pig.
Mac and Cheese.
Grinning bride.
Soap bubbles.

There were things we would do differently if we could. There were things that we will eventually laugh about, but not quite yet. There were moments of perfection and those we would rather forget. All in all, it was lovely. They felt loved and cared for… because they were. I’m going to rest now. For a while…

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