Celebrate now…

Sometimes I wait to celebrate. I wait for the last present to be wrapped, the last dish to be cooked, the last of the to do list to be accomplished. I wait to celebrate until all the things are done. The trouble is, I push off the joy and celebration of this moment for another moment that may not come.

Not tonight. Tonight I will celebrate with all the things undone. I worked all day, the presents aren’t wrapped, the dinner isn’t cooked, the list hasn’t even started. But, I will celebrate! Because it is Christmas Eve.

I will celebrate by pouring the wine and chopping the onion .

I will celebrate by wrapping the gifts.

I will celebrate by singing the songs.

I will celebrate by rolling the pie dough.

I will celebrate by prepping the breakfast.

I will celebrate by being present in this moment of celebration.

I hope you will join me in celebration. Tonight is the night. Let’s celebrate beginning now.

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