Pajama day…

When my husband came home from work  last night, he found me in a pajama day fog. I’d done nothing productive and was barely coherent after ten episodes of the Gilmore Girls.

The dog and cat were curled up with me… the house looked like it had been ransacked. It’s okay, it’s not his first experience with Pajama Days. In fact he is now a happy participant in this time honored tradition.

In my family, our Pajama Day traditions started with my mom. On any given day, when life has roughed us up, we simply call Pajama Day…. No pants, no visitors, no responsibilities, just pajamas and rest. We have had many variations of the tradition. When the kids were little we often took pajama day on Saturday and spent our day sprawled out on the floor with disney movies in the VHS. As the kids became teens, we added a host of movies to our pajama day activities. Now, the kids are gone, and Netflix allows multi-season binge watching. A day to retreat from the world and escape into our own world.… or better yet, an imaginary one.

Most of the time, I push too hard and take on too much. It’s just how I roll. My days are filled with people. Lots of people, and sometimes that gets to be too much for this introvert and I just need to withdraw. I’m often fine, right up to when I’m not. I love to spend time with others, but sometimes find the emotional tank very low… and need a refill. So I retreat and refuel in my pajamas.

31days This is Day 19 of a 31 Day series. You can find all of the posts in this series here.

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