Do something…

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return;
and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.
Luke 12:48b

I’ve been thinking about the tremendous blessings of my life. We truly have more than we need, more than is reasonable. Not just in material things, but also in social, and emotional resources. I have people. Friends and family who love me, who care about my wellbeing. There are people I could call upon in the middle of the night, people who would share whatever they have with us, people who are committed to me and to my family. People are my most amazing blessings.

Recently I read Jen Hatmaker’s book Interrupted. In it, she describes her journey from happily ensconced in church culture and the pursuit of the American Dream, to sold out to make a difference to the marginalized and true poor both in her immediate area and around the world.This book provided words to feelings and frustrations I’ve had over the past few years. As I recently explained to friends over dinner, I want to DO something. I feel like I’ve spent my whole life talking about spiritual things, building into people’s lives, and leaning into the Bible… but what am I DOING about it?

I am pretty sure I am not alone in this desire to engage. I look around at people I admire and I find them leaning into make a difference.
– My friend who is impacting girls all over the world through Days for Girls.
– My friend who is bringing coffee and day old bread to homeless people.
– My friend who manages the food giveaway at her church.
– My friends who adopted refugee children rom Nepal.
– My friends who are committed to the good of a village in Ecuador.
– My friend who meets teens where they live.
– My friend who is praying daily for the needs of others.
These folks, and many others, are making a difference in the world. Their faith is producing love and working itself out in practical and essential ways. It is such joy to watch this happen all around me.

When I look at the wider world, the needs are huge… but where do you start? So, for months I have been praying about where, how, who? I want to make a difference here. Right were I live. I want to look into my community and find pockets of need, and then offer something to help. A wisp of an idea is beginning to take shape. So, I’m leaning in to learn more, to gather resources, and hopefully to make a difference.

What are you doing with your blessings today?

*This is Day 18 of a 31 Day series. You can find all of the posts in this series here31days

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